How to clean your carpets, why carpet dry cleaning is better

Your carpets and furnishings are the third largest investment after your car and house so it makes sense to maintain and prolong this investment. Sometimes we don’t realise how much traffic, feet, pets, and parties roll over our carpet and furnishings each year. Vacuuming your carpet regularly will help maintain your carpet, but nothing beats a professional clean.

Many people wonder why dry cleaning is better than steam cleaning.

The top four reasons why dry cleaning is better than steam cleaning are as follows:

1. Dry cleaning leaves your carpet smelling fresh and homely. Steam cleaning tends to leave a wet dog smell behind.

2. Your carpets are guaranteed not to shrink or stretch, one of the main problems involved in steam cleaning.

3. After dry cleaning your carpets will not be soggy

4. When steam cleaning, if the carpet is not dried properly (which is often the case), it will lead to bacterial or fungal growth on the carpet.

The best way to clean your carpet is through a professional dry cleaner.

Dry cleaning involves four steps:

1. Pre-vacuum and pre-treat stains.

2. Apply a cleaning solvent to the remainder of the carpet.

3. Dry clean the carpet, regularly changing the cleaning pads.

4. Rake the carpet and repeat process if necessary.

The best part about dry cleaning is there is no drying time whatsoever. Your carpets are ready to walk on. This makes dry cleaning ideal for families.

Kanklean tip:

Don’t steam clean because it often removes the lanolin which is the natural protection in the carpet and wool.

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