How to clean the shower floor

Shower floors are tough to keep clean especially in large families. Unless they are cleaned regularly, the build up of scum and mould will quickly appear spoiling the overall appearance if your bathroom downwards. Bathrooms should be kept clean to promote cleanliness all over the house. As with all major cleaning chores in your home, regular, daily maintenance can help you avoid the hard, deeper cleaning.

To clean the shower floor:

1. Pre spray the shower floor with a light bleach or bleach based product.

2. Let it soak for at least ten minutes.

3. Use a sponge scourer with some jiff or an equivalent cream cleanser.

4. Rub vigorously.

5. Apply extra attention to the corners in a square shaped shower base as these generally have a bigger build up of soap scum

6. Rinse off with the shower water and a bucket if needed.

7. Repeat if necessary.

Kanklean Tip:

Do not skip over step two! Always allow the product to sit for at least ten minutes before working on it. This will allow the product to soak into the scum and begin breaking down the mould. It will make your job easier as less elbow grease will be required to get the tough stains out.

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