How to clean a pool table

1. Start by cleaning the edges of the table (the non-felt portion of the top of the table). Brush off any dirt, either onto the felt or the floor. Use any standard cleaner and a cloth to wipe off the surrounding edges of the table.

2. Use a hand brush to sweep any dirt from the felt and into the pockets of the pool table. Do so gently, so you don’t damage the felt. Only worry about the dirt and chalk particles you can see, as you will be wiping off the table later.

3. Run a hand-held vacuum cleaner along the felt of the pool table. This will collect any dust you missed when sweeping the table. Attach a hose to the end of your normal vacuum cleaner and clean out the pockets of the pool table.

4. Use a pool-table cleaner to remove the dirt that is deep in the felt. Quick-Clean Pool Table Cleaner is one such product you can use. Place the product on the felt and let it sit for 60 seconds. Use a cloth to remove the cleaner from the felt. Be sure to wipe the entire cleaner from the felt. The cleaner will not leave the felt of your pool table damp.

5. Wipe down the remainder of the outside of the table, including the legs and around the area where the balls gather after they travel through the ramps. Any cleaning product (including Pledge or Murphy’s Oil) will be fine.

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